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subQtaneous - early release CD available

This CD is the a limited time early release version. It includes a special bonus track, and versions of a handful of songs that won't be on the final pressing. The final pressing will have a new song and some alternate mixes.

Described as a "stick of dynamite strapped to reality," (Scenery Zine), subQtaneous is a diverse conceptual, collaborative album. It carves new soundscapes ranging from brutal, pounding industrial to sarcastic hip hop set over carnival music to delicately layered trance. It has been compared to Pigface, probably due to its format, as well as Coil, Mr Bungle, and Frank Zappa. It includes contributions from members of bands such as Collide, Veil of Thorns, Rob Banks, Elektroworx, and many others. While the tracks are tied together by a common theme – the corrosive dark side of capitalism, and its effects on our psyche – none of the musicians involved in this project try to beat you over the head with their ideology. Instead it remains, as the title would imply, an almost subliminal experience that slowly gets under your skin, and doesn't come out in the wash.

Appearing on the early release version: James Curcio (Babalon), Ken Schaefer (Rob Banks, Buddharabbit), P. Emerson Williams (Choronzon, Veil of Thorns), Sean Marsden and Gaetan Sputnik (Elektroworx, 233project), Scott Landes (Collide, Mankind Is Obsolete, Babalon), Zac Shaw and Paul Heath (Dead Unicorn), Dave Clark (Rob Banks), Jesse DeSanto (A 3rd Wish Granted), Insanity (I&I), Martine Sinatra, Agent 036, Nate Sampsel, Anna Young & Aric Viecek (subNatural). The album design is by James Curcio with illustration by Jessika Kaos and photography by Judith Curcio.

2004 interview for Scenery Zine about subQtaneous.

Press kit.
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