_N3wT- (evilnewt) wrote in chaotik_musik,

promoting my crap :-D

If you get a moment, please check out a new band that im working with, Kryszt.
i do keyboards/programming/vocals/hand drums/lighting and visuals in the band
We just started out playing live not too long ago, and just posted a few videos of our last show on 10/26/07 on myspace videos here, our website kryszt.com.

We are a band out in Buffalo NY, with influences ranging anywhere from industrial/idm/triphop/techno/alternative/psychadelic/to whatever
its hard for me to say what we sound like....check it out if you get a chance...you might like it :-)

If you do check out the videos, and seem to enjoy it, we will be recording a cd in late Dec/Jan
and add us to your myspace friends ;-)

thanks for your time
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