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Jukka Virta - Paljain jaloin [11 Oct 2014|05:18pm]


Silja Oranen & Benazir 110cm @ Merlitz 7.9.2014 [10 Oct 2014|09:29am]


metadonia - music video [07 Oct 2014|01:26pm]


D.F.I. - With My Friends [25 Sep 2014|11:44am]


Mandatory@Treenikämppä 22.5.2013 - Propechy [23 Sep 2014|10:54am]


Mandatory@Treenikämppä 22.5.2013 - Test32 [20 Sep 2014|03:27pm]


Solipsistic Nation: Karsh Kale, Ogre (Ohgr Skinny Puppy), Tim Skold (Manson KMFDM), Hoodoo Engine [02 May 2011|04:03pm]

From Solipsistic Nation:

In the last couple of weeks I learned that Karsh Kale, Tim Sköld, Nivek Ogre and HoodooEngine had released or were about to release new albums. I dig them all so I do what I do sent out the emails and made the phone calls. There were other musicians, labels and festivals I wanted to feature on the show as well but they didn’t happen due to availability and time constraints and before I knew it, this week’s show had been distilled into a gem of greatness.

I discovered Karsh Kale right about the same time I discovered the Asian Massive (or Asian Underground) scene. Over the years I watched the careers of Karsh Kale, Asian Dub Foundation and others grow over the years and it’s a wonder that I haven’t had someone like Karsh on the show earlier. Karsh has released six albums and recorded and performed with everyone from Zakir Hussain to Yoko Ono. Karsh’s latest album,Cinema, is his most ambitious album to date. It’s big, bold and melodramatic, and Karsh’s experience scoring films has had an impact on the scope of Cinema.

Tim Sköld was another surprise! Before I knew it, one night after work I found myself in front of a microphone talking to Tim about his long career, from his rock roots in bands like Kingpin and Shotgun Messiah and then later playing with the likes of KMFDM and Marilyn Manson. Tim also released a solo album back in 1996 and 15 years later he’s followed it up with Anomie, due out May 10th. Tim was great to talk with and I found that he’s as much an agent provocateur in person as he is in his music. I also had some great questions to ask him from folks like Jeremy and Royb0t from Twitter and Facebook.

Ogre’s is set to release a second album with ohGr called unDeveloped that also due to be released May 10th. Ogre and Skinny Puppy have scored the post apocalyptic soundtrack to our lives for nearly 30 years. While Skinny Puppy was my introduction into industrial music, there’s industrial music and then there’s Skinny Puppy. They’re in their own category and to call them industrial is kind of limiting. I was curious to see what directions Ogre would explore through ohGr and to be honest, I didn’t like unDeveloped at first. As Ogre mentions during our chat, people rarely give music full attention because they’re usually multitasking while they’re listening to music. I was doing the same thing with unDeveloped but one night while I was going out for a run I listened to unDeveloped and without being aware of it I found myself lost in the album and now I think it’s one of my favorite album of 2011.

Once I finally realized that Tim and Ogre were going to be guests on this week’s show I knew I had to include Hoodoo Engine. I’ve wanted to play tracks from their EgoWhore album since it was released in 2010 but it was just one of those scheduling things. Hoodoo Engine would be perfect for today’s show and to top it off, they’re gearing up to release their new album, Murder the World, and it’s more wretched and evil than EgoWhore, if such a thing is even possible. The core of Hoodoo Engine is Marz233, James Curcio and Johann Ess. Just to be above board, both James and I are on the Alterati Network, but I’ve known James long before Alterati when I interviewed him about his book, Join My Cult. While you anxiously wait for the release of Murder the World you can watch Clark, a gonzo mockumentary reality show art film surrounding the struggles of an independent artist in a capitalist world. 

Hoodoo Engine Primary Members

(Not pictured: Iron Will, Scott Landes, & The Illuminist)
Oh, special thanks to tricil for providing the incidental music during my interviews with Tim and Hoodoo Engine. While I was putting together today’s show I realized that I didn’t have any instrumental music from either of them and went on Twitter and asked if anyone had some tracks I could use for music beds. tricil stepped responded in minutes and generously let me use his tracks “rcc3″ and “conserve destroy.” There are links to download those two tracks below.

(Direct download


Jack Riot – Come and Love Me (New song) free mp3 [14 Aug 2009|03:59am]


Solstice and New Years Presents from Mythos Media [27 Dec 2008|02:40am]


A New Year For Us All - From the www.MythosMedia.net team.

Amidst all of the turmoil that has occurred both in the US and abroad in 2008, many of the media giants are stomping around blindly. There is no better time for truly independent groups of artists, musicians and myth makers to band together to collaborate, share and grow their myths. This is why Mythos Media formed in 2006-2007, and it remains our singular goal. The time is ripe now, but we need to meet each other halfway.

The purpose of this message is to alert you to what we have been doing over this past year, and what we look to create in 2009. The days of purely passive media are through. Sure, everyone likes to unwind and watch a movie from time to time, but always existing in that state of consumption leaves people shut-down, and isolated. This is why social media is exploding, even if major corporations are trying to turn the Internet into an ad-laden, vapid wasteland.

We all need stories that we can participate in, and a framework for us to collaborate and create work together. This is our goal moving forward- not only building our own myths but creating a sandbox for you to build your own as well. We believe static media like books and DVDs are merely entrance points into interactivity, collaboration, and the creation of new myths in the future, using technologies that are still being refined even as we speak. We hope you join us.

--James Curcio, Christmas Eve, 2008.

See the full, unabridged State of the Union, with tons of free books, music and more, go here: http://www.mythosmedia.net/content/2008/mm-12-08.html

Including: Lives of Ilya with Tara Vanflower, and the audiobook chapter read by Jarboe, Fallen Nation: Babylon Burning, a full, some re-issued re-masters of early Choronzon and Veil of Thorns material as well as some more recent releases, free 256 kbps release of subQtaneous: Some Still Despair In A Prozac Nation, the Art of Memetics, and sneak peeks at many up and coming projects.

Two Headed Monster [17 Nov 2008|10:18pm]


(Photo by Matthew Cooke.)

In my opinion, Collide’s recent release, Two Headed Monster, is both a culmination and a departure from their past work. Though it may remain in the same rack in the record store (those still exist, right?), you can feel that a maturation has taken place.

Contrary to opinion, maturation of this nature doesn’t simply come with time. As many artists prove, you can create and re-create the same thing for a lifetime, if you so choose. There is a deceptive, almost infinite freedom provided by working on projects exclusively in the studio, as much of Collide’s previous work has been. Sometimes those boundless 3 a.m.-in-the-studio possibilities can become a creatively stagnating trap. I’m happy they managed to avoid that trap, instead creating a thickly-textured, lively album that stands up to many listens.

As some of you probably already know, I’m not a fan of regurgitating the experience of listening to an album in an attempt to entice you into buying it. (Though as that goes, the Fearnet.com review was pretty good.) Rather, I leave it to you to check it out, and form your own opinion. The process that created a work is always most interesting to me, so I am happy that I had the chance to talk to kaRIN and statik about how this album came into being…

James Curcio: The first thing that stood out to me on this album was that it seemed to be more collaborative than your previous work. Correct me if I’m wrong on this, but it feels to me that Collide really took a step forward in that regard, and several others. After so many years with the two of you primarily working as a “two headed monster” (as it were), what was it like opening the songwriting process up to other band members and contributors?

kaRIN: The primary song writing for Collide is still primarily Statik and myself. Over the years, we are just trying to evolve as much as we can and not make the same songs over again. We were very lucky to have gathered up some great live players, so the live influence and the fact that all of our live members contributed to each of the songs is definitely evident on Two Headed Monster.

(Read the full interview on Alterati.com.)

Painkiller--"buried Secrets" [20 Sep 2008|02:38pm]


John Zorn and company doing wild jazz grind! Mick Harris and Bill Laswell do guest spots with Justin from Godflesh>


Light to Darkness / Darkness to Light [25 Jul 2008|02:35am]

This is a sneak peek at the soundtrack that will be used in a performance at Terra Extremitas, put on by the Foolish People. The script and soundtrack are based on some of the eschatological themes in Fallen Nation, and will serve as a bridge between that and a future project with the Foolish People, and many other creatives you may or may not have heard of...

The voices you will hear in this soundtrack will be the voices inside the actor's head. The rest you will just have to imagine- or better yet, get your ass to the event.

Also, after the Terra Extremitas event in Amsterdam, we will be providing you with a version of this soundtrack with the actors lines added- which may or may not have video, depending on how the filming at the event goes. Enjoy!

Soundtrack Credits:

Writing: James Curcio, Jason Stackhouse.

Production & Art Direction: James Curcio.

Music: P. Emerson Williams (Choronzon, Veil of Thorns), James Curcio, Scott Landes (Collide, Mankind is Obsolete), Jon Siren (Mankind is Obsolete, Hate Dept).

(Built in player should stream the mp3, it is also available for free download on this page.)

Defectaion-"Purity Dilution" [12 Jul 2008|10:09am]

Side band of Napalm Death's Mick and Mitch Harris, absolutely manic punk crustcore!


*****is this community alive, that is the real question?******

Do you like Joy Division? - New Phoenix Based Post Punk Band [27 Mar 2008|12:55pm]

long time no post, sorry, hasn't been much news worthy...but now finally, something to post about! I'm drumming in a band, really excited about it, I'd say the closest thing we sound like is Joy Division...just good dark Post Punk kinda 'ish. scheckit out:

Glamour Shot

I'll let you know just as soon as we're ready to play out.

Catalytic Converser [20 Feb 2008|03:09pm]


Recently we ran a doubleshot of GSpot with Jared Louche, frontman of Chemlab. When we ran that piece, we promised a follow-up based on the email conversations that had taken place while working out the details, a conversation that started out tackling some of the controversy that surrounded the Chemlab release Rock Whore vs. Dance Floor but quickly grew to encompass Jared’s incredibly varied musical projects and writing career. Check it out, follow up by listening to the podcast linked below, and hold on to something tight - this is one hell of an interview (Alterati.com).

I love me some 9th chords [05 Feb 2008|04:26am]

One of a series of pieces I've been working on for the Fallen Nation audiobook...

Though this one is kind of funny because the machine metal just took over. It was meant to be spooky and moody and kind of weird and then suddenly BAM. Toms and ten tons of dancy evil. I don't know what happened.


[15 Jan 2008|03:06pm]

posted Three mp3's of my band Kryszt, up on the myspace
when you get a chance, please go check them out


have a few upcoming shows too, all listed there on myspace, if you need tickets for any of them please let me know as well!


ps, those of you who are on this list that dont know my other LJ name, its ilovedo
i dont update this one much

promoting my crap :-D [08 Nov 2007|12:28am]

If you get a moment, please check out a new band that im working with, Kryszt.
i do keyboards/programming/vocals/hand drums/lighting and visuals in the band
We just started out playing live not too long ago, and just posted a few videos of our last show on 10/26/07 on myspace videos here, our website kryszt.com.

We are a band out in Buffalo NY, with influences ranging anywhere from industrial/idm/triphop/techno/alternative/psychadelic/to whatever
its hard for me to say what we sound like....check it out if you get a chance...you might like it :-)

If you do check out the videos, and seem to enjoy it, we will be recording a cd in late Dec/Jan
and add us to your myspace friends ;-)

thanks for your time

smallworld podcast interviews subqtaneous [08 Oct 2007|03:36pm]


Interview with James Curcio and P. Emerson Williams of subQtaneous.

We discuss the lyrics of P. Emerson Williams; how subQtaneous helped create relationships; the many versions of "Double Bind"; why it took so long to release their CD, Some Still Despair In A Prozac Nation; why subQtaneous ws formed when so many of the musicians live all over the country; similarities to Pigface; the members who make up subQtaneous; the Abyss of Hallucinations; the complications of working with so many people; what was surprisingly easy recording Some Still Despair In A Prozac Nation; recording "Wake Up"; why the recorded the album in so many different studios; the guitar stylings of Scott Landes; post-punk political commentary; Mythos Media; the influence of Joseph Campbell.

Featured songs are:

1. "Double Bind"
2. "Equinox"
3. "Wake Up"

Listen to the podcast.

Ripple Debut [21 Sep 2007|01:58pm]


Ari, Nate, and Ray Carney interview Trey Spruance of Secret Chiefs 3, Mr Bungle, and Mimicry Records. This is part one of a two part interview. (For part two, check back tomorrow.)

Listen now.

Collide interview [16 Jul 2007|02:14pm]

"Recently I reviewed Ultrashiver, the new album from The Secret Meeting. As you can no doubt tell from my review, I loved it, and I was able to arrange for an interview with kaRIN and Statik who, along with Dean Garcia, created the album. But The Secret Meeting didn’t come out of nowhere, Statik and kaRIN have been creating some of the most incredible musical works of any genre for years now, and the list of people that they’ve worked with is incredible and includes musicians from Tool, Nine Inch Nails, and Skinny Puppy. I’ve included some of their music videos so you can check out the music, style, and energy that Statik and kaRIN have been putting out there from their own label since the early nineties. What follows is only part of the interview… on my next G-Spot segment we’ll talk more about this new album and how it came together. For now, I present the first part of our conversation about Noiseplus Music, Saints & Sinners, and Collide..."

Read the full article on Alterati.com.

DIY Music Video Contest [16 May 2007|12:47am]

Nowadays, almost everyone has access to the means to produce media. We have YouTube, Photoshop, relatively cheap amp modellers, digital video cameras, etc. etc. However this accessibility does not provide something worth saying, nor does it provide us with the skill to present it well. As always, that takes time and effort, and with the glut of content now pumping through the Internet, it can be very hard to sort through it.

This is in part why Alterati exists. As an initial litmus test of what kind of media chops you people have, I came up with an idea for this contest.

For details, read on.

subQtaneous - final masters complete [03 Feb 2007|07:52pm]


Described as a “stick of dynamite strapped to reality,” (Scenery Zine), subQtaneous is a diverse conceptual, collaborative album. It carves new soundscapes ranging from brutal, pounding industrial to sarcastic hip hop set over carnival music to delicately layered trance. While the tracks are tied together by a common theme – the corrosive dark side of capitalism, and its effects on our psyche – none of the musicians involved in this project try to beat you over the head with their ideology. Instead it remains, as the title would imply, an almost subliminal experience that slowly gets under your skin, and doesn’t come out in the wash.

We’re proud to announce that the final mastering session has been completed. The CD will be available shortly, in the meantime here are two of the final masters (in mp3 format):

Transit of Venus.

choronzon333: Vocals.
mindcube, Ryan Moll: Guitars.
agent139: Drums, percussion, bass.
agent139 and mysterylodge: production.

Double Bind

choronzon333: Vocals, Cello.
mindcube, Dave Clark, agent139: Guitars.
mysterylodge: Bass.
agent139: Drums/percussion.
agent139 and mysterylodge: Production.

You can download a .rar of all of the mp3s and the cover art HERE.

How to be a rock star [26 Dec 2006|01:18pm]

By st stephen.


Throughout all of the preceding 24 steps, you did everything exactly as you should have. Now you are a celebrity...the rock star that everyone in the world wants to meet and get to know. Think about how important you are now. You're nothing like the little insignificant speck you once were. If you don't think things have changed, just turn on your television or radio and you will hear continual updates on what you've been up to lately. Though this is somewhat an intrusion on your privacy, you blew the whole thing into your mountain hole anyway. Can you see a crack in the side of your head? Your beard is turning grey, allowing you to feed on the wild offspring that dance in the desert sun.


Love is real. Real is love. (from John Lennon's "Love")

Remember all those terrible arguments between your parents that ended with you being beaten and slammed into the wall? Remember how the nurse at the hospital told you that it was "okay to tell"? Well, it's still okay to tell about the love inside you. Let it spill out everywhere. Don't be afraid to tell it on the mountain, little star, because that's where you'll find the very best barbecue there is. No "lite" sauces here. Only the thick, sticky best. Your mother is standing behind you, with your father a few yards away. Poke away into the stardust, and kick the little horse behind the shed. Your effort paid off in the very best way, and now you're the center of everyone's universe.

Let the freshest piece of the chicken boil inside of you, and may the tendons be your guide.

Also, oh yeah. The new irreality.net is teh sex. I'm not even kidding.

subQtaneous - early release CD available [14 Oct 2006|12:33am]


This CD is the a limited time early release version. It includes a special bonus track, and versions of a handful of songs that won't be on the final pressing. The final pressing will have a new song and some alternate mixes.

Described as a "stick of dynamite strapped to reality," (Scenery Zine), subQtaneous is a diverse conceptual, collaborative album. It carves new soundscapes ranging from brutal, pounding industrial to sarcastic hip hop set over carnival music to delicately layered trance. It has been compared to Pigface, probably due to its format, as well as Coil, Mr Bungle, and Frank Zappa. It includes contributions from members of bands such as Collide, Veil of Thorns, Rob Banks, Elektroworx, and many others. While the tracks are tied together by a common theme – the corrosive dark side of capitalism, and its effects on our psyche – none of the musicians involved in this project try to beat you over the head with their ideology. Instead it remains, as the title would imply, an almost subliminal experience that slowly gets under your skin, and doesn't come out in the wash.

Appearing on the early release version: James Curcio (Babalon), Ken Schaefer (Rob Banks, Buddharabbit), P. Emerson Williams (Choronzon, Veil of Thorns), Sean Marsden and Gaetan Sputnik (Elektroworx, 233project), Scott Landes (Collide, Mankind Is Obsolete, Babalon), Zac Shaw and Paul Heath (Dead Unicorn), Dave Clark (Rob Banks), Jesse DeSanto (A 3rd Wish Granted), Insanity (I&I), Martine Sinatra, Agent 036, Nate Sampsel, Anna Young & Aric Viecek (subNatural). The album design is by James Curcio with illustration by Jessika Kaos and photography by Judith Curcio.

2004 interview for Scenery Zine about subQtaneous.

Press kit.

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