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How to be a rock star

By st stephen.

Throughout all of the preceding 24 steps, you did everything exactly as you should have. Now you are a celebrity...the rock star that everyone in the world wants to meet and get to know. Think about how important you are now. You're nothing like the little insignificant speck you once were. If you don't think things have changed, just turn on your television or radio and you will hear continual updates on what you've been up to lately. Though this is somewhat an intrusion on your privacy, you blew the whole thing into your mountain hole anyway. Can you see a crack in the side of your head? Your beard is turning grey, allowing you to feed on the wild offspring that dance in the desert sun.


Love is real. Real is love. (from John Lennon's "Love")

Remember all those terrible arguments between your parents that ended with you being beaten and slammed into the wall? Remember how the nurse at the hospital told you that it was "okay to tell"? Well, it's still okay to tell about the love inside you. Let it spill out everywhere. Don't be afraid to tell it on the mountain, little star, because that's where you'll find the very best barbecue there is. No "lite" sauces here. Only the thick, sticky best. Your mother is standing behind you, with your father a few yards away. Poke away into the stardust, and kick the little horse behind the shed. Your effort paid off in the very best way, and now you're the center of everyone's universe.

Let the freshest piece of the chicken boil inside of you, and may the tendons be your guide.

Also, oh yeah. The new is teh sex. I'm not even kidding.
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