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Collide interview

"Recently I reviewed Ultrashiver, the new album from The Secret Meeting. As you can no doubt tell from my review, I loved it, and I was able to arrange for an interview with kaRIN and Statik who, along with Dean Garcia, created the album. But The Secret Meeting didn’t come out of nowhere, Statik and kaRIN have been creating some of the most incredible musical works of any genre for years now, and the list of people that they’ve worked with is incredible and includes musicians from Tool, Nine Inch Nails, and Skinny Puppy. I’ve included some of their music videos so you can check out the music, style, and energy that Statik and kaRIN have been putting out there from their own label since the early nineties. What follows is only part of the interview… on my next G-Spot segment we’ll talk more about this new album and how it came together. For now, I present the first part of our conversation about Noiseplus Music, Saints & Sinners, and Collide..."

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